Why Should You Take the Self-Publishing Route?

Are you having doubts about publishing the book you wrote? Many writers struggle with their work because of reasons such as self-doubt, lack of money, or they can’t get a publishing company to release their novel. One route to consider is self-publishing. It’s a risky business, but the glory will be worth all your hard work and sacrifices. Some people may look down on authors that take this route, but there are self-published books that became instant hits.

Here are some reasons to follow the path of self-published authors:

Creative Control

If you follow the steps and guide to self-publishing a book, you have full creative control of your work. Some publishing companies have editorial guidelines that cater to a specific audience. If they don’t like your writing style or if they think your material doesn’t fit their target market, they’ll most likely reject your manuscript. Self-publishing provides you with an option to publish your book without changing its content. Remember that you have a distinct voice and story that other people can relate to, self-publishing allows you to reach them.

Bigger Potential Profit

Traditional publishing companies take a substantial percentage of an author’s books. They use the money for marketing, events, and others. Self-published authors get a bigger piece of the pie when they market their books. If you are like this self-published author, you have the potential to make thousands of dollars.


Go at Your Own Pace

Some writers can summon their muse at will while others need time and effort to get going. The self-publish route releases you from outside pressure and deadlines. This allows you to follow your own schedule and it also provides you with flexibility. You can do your day job and work on your manuscript whenever you feel like it. Set priorities and balance the other things in your life so that you can launch your new novel successfully.

First to Market Advantage

Publishing companies take weeks or even months before they release an author’s work. They go through a long process of generating buzz around a book and marketing it to potential readers. They also look for outlets that will carry the novel. Self-published authors don’t have these constraints. In today’s hyper-connected world of instant gratification, you’ll need to hit the market immediately to reach your audience. After the final draft and editing, you can publish your book right away. This gives you the first market advantage; this is crucial if you believe your story is unique. This benefit allows you to get ahead of your peers in your chosen genre.

Numbers Game

Authors following the traditional publishing route may have to wait before they release their second book. This may be because of the lineup of releases or a marketing strategy. The only thing preventing you from releasing a follow-up book or starting a new series when you self-publish is your writing speed. You don’t have to keep your readers waiting if you take the self-publishing route.

Creative control, more profits, faster release of new books, first to market advantage, and going at your own pace are just a few reasons to consider self-publishing. You don’t have to take this route alone, there are now companies that can join you on your journey to becoming an author.

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