Improving Office Efficiency with Technology

Efficiency is one of the major concerns in any workplace setting. However, you can’t expect your employees to be productive if they don’t have the tools to help them be efficient at their jobs. Hence, here are the different ways you can improve efficiency in your office through technology:

1. IP phone systems

IP phone systems like Xorcom are considered more of a necessity than a luxury in a modern office setting. With an IP phone system, employees will manage calls much easier without having to compromise the rest of their tasks. Moreover, IP phone systems provide benefits such as:

  • Lower call costs
  • Portability
  • Versatile features
  • Simplified conference calls
  • Security and privacy

2. Updated computers

Much of your business relies on the efficiency and dependability of your computers. If your office still uses computers that are old, slow, and unreliable, then you can expect your employees’ performance to suffer as well, and they cannot be blamed for it.

To avoid this problem, upgrade to computers that are apt for high performance. This includes having adequate RAM, sufficient processors, and enough storage, among other vital features. When your employees’ computers are no longer impossibly sluggish, the results in their productivity will speak for themselves.

3. Visitor management system

A visitor management system will make it easier for visitors to check-in while also reducing interruptions to your employees by guests and delivery personnel. Apart from that, this type of system keeps a record of visitors instead of physical sign-in sheets that might not be as reliable, thus enhancing the security of your workplace. Even if the receptionist is busy with other tasks, visitors can check-in quickly and get their business over and done faster.

4. Faster Internet

Similar to outdated computers, having Internet moving at turtle speed can hurt your business’ productivity. Employees can’t get their work done on time, hours will be wasted waiting for pages to load, and everyone in the office will feel demotivated since they can’t efficiently do their work. As a result, unnecessary delays can occur, which can directly affect your business’ growth and success.

That said, upgrading your Internet connection is a must for increased efficiency and productivity. When your employees start complaining about the speed of the Internet in the office, it might be time to find a different service provider or upgrade to a better plan.

5. Scheduling apps

work from home

Why waste time on coordinating schedules when you can use tools that allow you to automate them? Time management tools such as Asana and Oncehub will enable you to create templates for plans and automate meeting reminders, reducing the time spent on planning meetings and reminding everyone of them.

6. Second monitors

Having two monitors side-by-side can do wonders for your employees’ productivity. As opposed to only having one monitor, two monitors allow employees to display two or more programs simultaneously, helping them get their tasks done much easier and faster. So if your office only has one monitor per station, consider adding a second monitor to increase work efficiency.

7. File-sharing technology

Not using file-sharing technology in your office can be a real time-waster. Imagine how many minutes or hours are spent every day when one employee waits for another to send a file that they need to get a task done, or how much of a hassle it is to track changes in a file that gets passed from person to person. Don’t want this to happen (or continue happening) at your workplace? Take advantage of file-sharing technology to get rid of manual file sharing and increase overall productivity in your office.

8. Self-service platforms

Allow employees to accomplish specific tasks themselves by establishing a self-service platform in your office. For example, upload leave forms on the platform so that instead of going to HR for these forms, your employees can download and print these forms themselves. Or when they need to ask for additional materials, allow your employees to make requests on the platform instead of going directly to the department involved. Aside from reducing the number of steps that your employees have to go through to accomplish a particular task, having a self-service platform makes everyone’s job easier.

Not investing in the right technology can slowly kill productivity in your office. Hence, if you want your employees to maximize their potential at work, invest in technology that will help them accomplish more.

What other tech solutions can improve workplace productivity? Please tell us your ideas in the comments below.

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