Faster Business Transactions with the Latest in Satellite Technology


Over the years, communications technology has made great strides in making it easy and fast to communicate with people regardless of where they are in the world. These developments have allowed people, particularly those engaged in business to carry out their activities in a more efficient manner.

 How the Satellite Has Improved

One example of communications technology that has undergone great development is the satellite. How exactly has the satellite improved since Sputnik?

  • The satellite has become smaller. The reduction of electronic components has allowed engineers to come up with satellites that are as big as your bread toaster according to This made it easy for engineers to build and put satellites in orbit around the Earth.
  • Satellites orbit closer to Earth’s atmosphere. With the latest innovations in the design of satellites, satellites no longer have to orbit high above the Earth’s surface. Having satellites orbit close to the Earth’s surface enables them to do things such as easily keep track of sensors that monitor the changes in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The laser makes it faster to send radio signals. Before, signals were sent to satellites by using radio waves. With lasers, signals travel faster to any place in the world. This makes it a faster way to communicate since light travels faster than electromagnetic energy.

 How Satellites Help Businesses

How has the development in satellite technology contributed to how people carry out their business activities?

  • Data is received in real-time. There are instances wherein you need to make a business transaction such as a bank withdrawal while visiting another country according to This is no problem because you can easily communicate with your bank and get your money within a few seconds.
  • You can have a smooth video conference. Thanks to the combination of lasers and satellites, you can have a smooth video conference without having to deal with garbled sounds and choppy images. You can easily conclude your business deals without those pesky technical glitches.
  • You can easily track your business activity in different parts of the world. With the help of satellites, you can monitor your business activities in any part of the world. This keeps you updated regarding how your business is being handled.

satellites pointing up

How the Future of the Satellite Looks

These latest developments in satellite technology have opened up several possibilities that might happen in the near future. Among these are being able to make free international calls with the use of a phone that can directly communicate with satellites. Another possibility is the introduction of 5G technology which would greatly improve internet communication which would allow for large amounts of data as much as multiple gigabits per second. This would result in faster business transactions in the form of images and data exchange.

It’s not only fiber optics that has improved the way business transactions are carried out. The combination of satellite and laser technology has allowed businesses to breach time and space, thereby allowing them to reach out to more clients who on the other hand, are able to enjoy better services and get more out of their money.


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