4 Vital Office Adjustments in a Post-Pandemic World

COVID-19 pandemic continues to become a threat to people’s health and safety. With the death toll going over a million, every governing body must create rules and countermeasures to prevent the virus from taking more lives. Social distancing, constant disinfecting of hands, and quarantining are all essential for our survival. However, businesses continue to suffer from the rules created for COVID-19 transmission prevention. While some companies are making a few digital adjustments to accommodate remote work, there are a few that require the presence of employees in the office. The setup might put them at risk, but you can come up with ideas that can help provide a safer and healthier environment for your workers.

Disinfection Station

Almost all rules relating to the prevention of COVID-19 transmission require you to clean and disinfect yourself and your surroundings. The countermeasures are also applicable when you reopen your office to your workers. You have to make sure that the workplace is following social distancing rules. However, the crucial component is how well you handle disinfection and sanitation. The COVID-19 virus can settle on surfaces, which means that everything your employees come into contact with could put them at risk. Your company’s sanitation team should improve and micromanage their efforts to maintain a clean and safe environment for the workers. However, the effectiveness of the strategy relies on how disciplined your staff is to keep themselves safe. You must provide them with the necessary sanitizing tools. Create a disinfection station to help maintain the workplace’s sanitary environment. The area must include the following:

  • Hand sanitizers and alcohol
  • Disinfectant spray machine
  • Disinfection mat
  • Transparent plastic curtains

Place the items right at the entrance of your office to avoid contaminating the area. It is crucial to keep the office clean for your employees since you rely on them for your business operations.

Thermal Imaging System

The issue with COVID-19 is that you are fighting an invisible enemy. There is no way to figure out if an employee got the virus. The transmission rate of COVID-19 is rapid, which means that people must avoid putting their guards down when going outside. If businesses need to open their doors, employees need to make sure that they are healthy for the sake of their colleagues. However, observing symptoms and testing people are the only things that can help figure out if a person has the virus, but it is already too late by then. To prevent further spread inside the workplace, you have to track down the employees who are experiencing these symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Skin rashes
  • Respiratory problems

woman cleaning

The symptoms vary per individual, which means that you need to maintain awareness. One of the usual indicators is fever, which is enough threat to send employees home. You can use an infrared camera system to watch out for the symptom when workers enter the vicinity. If you notice that an employee has unusually high body temperature, you can start taking precautions. Have the worker undergo testing and call their work for the day done. The strategy can prevent further COVID-19 spread, which will make the workplace a safer space.

Voice-Activated Software

It’s challenging to track down the surfaces that come into contact with people who have COVID-19. There is a chance that your employees make it to the workspace despite harboring the virus. If you want to avoid taking risks, you can start by limiting the areas your employees can touch. Doors, elevators, and other access points can become dangerous areas for your employees, which is why the installation of voice-activated software is vital. Before you start getting your workers to return to the office, make sure you can create a contactless environment. The voice-activated software can help prevent unnecessary contact with surfaces. Droplets will not become a threat, especially when employees are sporting face masks and shields. The adjustment might be costly, but it is a necessary step towards making the office a safer space.

PPE Supply

People are in dire need to maintain financial stability in their lives during the pandemic, which means that being able to keep their jobs is crucial. However, business owners must avoid taking advantage of their situation. Your company operations might be necessary, but there is no way that they are a higher priority over the health and safety of your employees. If you are going to ask them to risk their lives to perform their work, you must make sure that they have everything necessary to protect themselves. You can start by supplying them with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Face masks, face shields, and hygiene supplies are required. Every individual requires protective gear before going to different destinations but staying in one place for long hours requires more supplies.

Businesses have the responsibility of keeping employees safe to avoid any issues. Before you ask your workers to risk their lives and perform office operations, you have to make these adjustments.

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