The Importance of Comic Book Movies in Cinema

Do you remember the last movie you saw in the theaters? Chances are that it is one of those comic book movies that has been the rage for the past decade or so. These have attracted a huge audience and have amassed huge box office returns. If you browse the internet, there should be a lot of articles and reviews about them that even an SEO expert would have no problem creating reference links to.

Every year there seems to be a flick or two that fans eagerly await. The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU in particular seems to have nailed down a winning formula. The success of the franchise is undeniable, and there are earnings figures to support it. But in general, comic book movies have contributed so much that they hold importance to the world of cinema.

The Spectacle

LCD TVs have continually grown in size over the years, and they also have become more affordable. You would think that these would take away a huge chunk of the cinema audience. After all, the theater experience is not really perfect. People are still complaining about expensive snacks and other unruly patrons. Some would use these as reasons why they have decided to stop going to the movie houses altogether. But this does not deter the filmmakers to continually release superhero movies. It is a genre where jaw-dropping visuals are expected. You may have an awesome home theater, but spectacular pieces like these comic book films are still awesome to see on the silver screen.

They Keep People Coming Back

watching in a theater

Comic books are affordable pieces of entertainment. Sure, there is always the chance that there would be an issue that will become sought after in the distant future. You have seen ones from many decades ago fetch high prices due to how historic or instrumental they are in shaping the industry. But in the here and now, new issues are something you could just pick up at your nearest newsstand for a few bucks.

The storytelling that you can find in comic books is of the serial kind. That means you would constantly see the phrase “to be continued” at the end of each issue. You will not have a problem waiting and shelling out money for that because it’s just priced really low. It seems like this has been duplicated and scaled up for the movie theaters. People are always anticipating the next installment in the adventures of their favorite heroes. But this time, instead of being in the pages of a comic, they are enjoying it on the big screen instead.

Raking in the Dough

They may cost a lot to produce, but if comic book movies continue to trend and people are still itching to see what is going to happen next, the money will keep rolling in. Over the past decade, projections have become predictable. Every new film is an event for any given year, and this brings in so much hype that most of the people’s attention will be directed at them. Having a huge amount of hype is always helpful if you want to get something brought into the public’s consciousness.

The reality is, the success of the superhero genre benefits the movie industry greatly. The films make people keep coming back to the movie theaters, and the money that they earn could fund more daring or experimental projects. They also serve as a gateway to other types of movies. With the large audience that they command, there should be at least a few ones who will be interested in exploring other genres. Let them continue to fly high and keep the industry bustling.

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