Movies and Businesses: What Films Taught Us About Business

Blockbuster movies do more than entertain us. These can help us feel good, feel different emotions, and even exercise our hearts and mind. It is due to these reasons why some therapists would recommend one to watch more movies during their free time. But sometimes, the best business lessons a business owner can get can be found in the most unexpected places. In this article, we will talk about four famous movies that can teach us at least two big lessons we can all use in business.

Avengers: End Game

People have mixed opinions about Avengers: Endgame. Some hated it; some loved it. But what’s important is that it garnered a worldwide gross of more than $2 billion. Aside from its star-studded cast, the box office film told many of us lessons we can apply both business and in real life.

The scene was Tony Start time travelled and met his father, Howard Stark; he told his dad that no amount of money could buy you time. Since time is one thing no one can afford to buy, it teaches us that every second count, whether you are a student, an employee, or a business owner. Maximising your time is the best way to use your most valuable commodity and help you set your brand up for better success.

The Infinity gauntlet may have been mighty, but there are things it cannot do, like bring back the lives of those who died in the movie. Gamora, Vision, and Loki remained dead even with the gauntlet. That shows that one cannot erase mistakes, but you can make better decisions moving forward to save your business and your employees.

Casino Royale

If you’re a fan of Daniel Craig, then you would have seen Casino Royale, which was released in 2006. One of the scenes that had many guys into big machinery talking is the appearance of an iconic wheel loader. This extremely durable machinery certainly fitted the scene when James Bond went running after a villain.

From this scene, James Bond used whatever available resource he has that shows one has to use the best local resources available to chase after your goal. That can mean partnering with local businesses related to your brand so you can achieve your future business goals. If, for example, you can’t afford to buy your own machinery just yet, you can always go to an equipment rental company like Hire Direct Ltd for your equipment needs.

Another lesson worth knowing from Casino Royale is about the reboot itself. The film was a massive success because they made the movie interesting enough for both old and new fans even if they changed the actor who will play James Bond. That shows that there are times when you need to change your product but retain the quality to gain the attention of old and new clients.



Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of the love story of Jack and Rose? Titanic stole the hearts of people around the world because of their charming love story and grand storyline. It also has some nice lessons that even business owners and entrepreneurs can learn from.

For one, rose had to decide between living a glamorous but unhappy life with her fiancé or risk her status and be happy with Jack. Even though she lost the love of her life in the end, she still lived to tell her story. That shows that in business, you can’t be sure if you’ll win or lose but what’s essential is you took a leap of faith and that you go after something you want and believe in.

Another lesson is that a well-thought business plan can help prevent an excellent business disaster. The Titanic only has a total of 20 boats, which can only accommodate under 1,200 people out of the 3,300 capacity. If you have a solid business plan, you can avoid a huge business scandal and save your business from sinking.


Another James Bond movie made it to our list because it offers timely advice for all businesses these days. Skyfall was released in 2012, but it provides some excellent IT advice to all businesses that are still taking cybersecurity for granted. The size of your business does not matter since the bad guys don’t discriminate.

For one, every business should take advantage of antivirus software. The mere fact that you’re connecting your business computers to the internet makes it a must that you have this for your brand. The same goes for only allowing access to your trusted team members with the help of a firewall.

Your business data can be used against you. Even the information you attach and receive in your emails are important. Make sure you set up an IT policy every one of your staff needs to follow to protect better whatever business data you may have.

It may come as a surprise, but movies can impact what we feel, what we think, and what we aspire to do. These four movies did not only rake millions to billions of income. We can even learn valuable lessons we can use in real life and even in business.

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