Marketing Craft Beer in the USA

Even though the market for craft beer declined during the pandemic, it still accounts for more than 23 percent of the retail beer market in the US. Its popularity is highlighted by the increase in the number of craft breweries in the country from 4,803 in 2015 to 8,764 in 2020.

This shows that the market for craft beer is getting bigger. This also means the competition is getting tougher, which means craft breweries should work hard to bring customers to taste and love their products. Here are some ways a craft brewery can market its product in the US.

Use Social Media Marketing

The first thing a craft beer business should do is to use social media marketing to promote its product. With more than 220 million Americans on social media, it’s a practical way for a craft beer business to promote its products. It can create a social media page that is appealing to its market of craft beer enthusiasts. It can highlight its brand to ensure the consumers know what to look for when they are in the market for craft beer.

Aside from creating a social media page, the business should also post relevant content that can catch the eye of craft beer enthusiasts. It can even create advertisements on different social media platforms to increase its reach in the market. Posting advertisements can cost money, but the business can expand its customer base for its products if it is done properly.

Focus on Uniqueness

After introducing the brand to the market, a craft beer business should make sure its products stand out in the market. The business can make the label design eye-catching and use local artists to encapsulate what the brand wants to express. It should make sure the design is also appealing in the market so potential customers will become paying customers.

The product itself should also tickle the taste buds of its customers. The business can offer different beer styles using German Amarillo hops to stand out in the market. It can use the ingredient to provide different flavors, including lemon, red currant, and strawberry.

pouring beer

Work with a Local Business

Working with a local business is a good way of growing a business and marketing a product in the local market. For instance, the craft beer business can collaborate with a local restaurant or pub to sell its products through these places. The business can sponsor an event in these places and sell its products during the event. It can also participate in a fundraiser and donate some of its beer to the event. It can also offer the product at a discount.

But the best way for craft beer businesses to collaborate with local establishments is to stock their craft beer at the place. This means that craft beer will have a ready market. And if the customers of the establishment will like the product, it can continue supplying the beer to the restaurant or bar.

Become Active

The craft beer business can also play an active role in the community to increase brand awareness within the community. For instance, even if it cannot collaborate with a local business, it can still participate in fundraising events in the community. If there is an outdoor festival, the business can set up a booth to sell its products.

The crucial part here is being aware of events that are happening in the community. Due to this, the craft beer business owner should constantly monitor Facebook groups, newsletters, message boards, and calendars at the local chamber of commerce office.

Highlight the Brand

When the craft beer business participates in a community event, it should highlight the brand. But it should not be all marketing and promotion. The business should show its potential market that it is a fun brand that people want to be associated with. So, the business should avoid taking itself seriously all the time.

The craft beer business should be creative and try to connect with its market on a personal level. It can also market itself with user-generated content (UGC) or content that its customers created to praise or put the brand in a positive light.

But before it reposts the UGC, the craft beer business should make sure to ask permission from the creator before using the content. The content may be a simple photo of the customer having a bottle of their brew at the beach or a full-length review of the company’s different products.

Promoting a craft beer business can be challenging, especially with the competition coming out in the market. But businesses can still be successful if they know what to do.

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