How to Make the Workplace Conducive to Working

Compensation may be one of the driving forces that convinces an applicant to be part of an organization, but money alone does not make them stay. The environment at work is a great factor for employee engagement and retention. It directly affects the performance of employees—which is vital to the company’s direction and progress. So companies must plan and create a productive workplace for the benefit of all.

Establish and live up to the company’s core values

Core values constitute the company’s heart. It is essential to determine what a company’s core values are since these will serve as guiding principles on significant business transactions and decisions, as well as employee management. This also represents the company’s distinct identity that employees can take pride in and other businesses recognize.

Aspirants can also assess whether a company’s core values are in alignment with theirs. Alignment of values and like-mindedness are the keys to retention. Employees can quickly deliver when they are working on something they believe in.

Have smooth onboarding and training

Orientation, training, and performance management programs can help new hires access the right resources and seamlessly transition into their new roles. Having all these in place promotes longevity and loyalty of employees. It also lessens the frustration that newly hired employees experience when they do not have the needed information to do their work well.

Onboarding ensures that new employees understand the organizational structure and will adhere to the core values of your business. When done smoothly, it saves the company time and resources better spent on other things.

Reward productivity

You can determine whether you are in a great company when employees are incentivized and not threatened by punishments. Positive reinforcements such as monetary benefits, promotion, and even simple recognition of a worker’s hard work can go a long way. When they see that their efforts are appreciated and well-compensated, it can boost their morale.

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Build a positive culture

Rewarding productivity is one. Praising and encouraging are another. In a Harvard Business School study, participants had to solve problems. The researchers told about half of them to ask their family members and friends to send them an email just before their participation. When they read the email describing a time when the subject was at their best, they tend to be more creative in their problem-solving approach. Fifty-one percent of those who read best-self activation emails before a task were able to complete it. They were also less stressed out compared to their counterparts.

During an evaluation, focus more on strengths than weaknesses. Several studies concluded that current evaluation tools are unsuccessful in fostering learning and personal development. It even resulted in an increased perception of threat and vulnerability. Also, avoid micromanaging since it can create an impression of mistrust and develop insecurity and doubt among employees. A rewarded and praised employee is motivated to be a high performer.

Keep it clean and organized

You wouldn’t want to waste 15 minutes looking for a document you could have found had your office only been clean and organized. Aside from saving time, having no clutter and an immaculate workspace can help employees focus on their tasks and be more productive. It will also make the company operations more efficient since the space is aligned with operational processes. Plus, it also represents the state of mind, so better keep it clean and organized.

Create a comfortable communal space

There should also be a shared space where employees can feel relaxed and comfortable. Creating an ambiance of lightness and freedom can be a good break from a tiring task or project. You can place comfortable chairs, books, coffee machines, and don’t forget plants. One more thing: hang art! Or if you want to divert from this, you can also order vinyl records or even autographed memorabilia online, which also makes great displays. The point is that you would want to make an excellent first impression and once they got a taste of it, make it lasts. Crafting a place where employees can feel at ease, recharge, or interact with coworkers can make them value their jobs even more.

The workplace is just as important as the operations, so it must be well-thought-out with the employees in mind. To make the workplace conducive to working, live the core values, have a smooth onboarding and training, reward productivity, and build a positive culture. When it comes to the physical workspace, always keep the office clean and organized and have a comfortable communal space. This way, you’ll have happy and productive employees—which are crucial for organizational success.

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