Why Should You Consider Settling in Nevada?

When searching for a place to reside in or start a business, Nevada does not automatically come to mind. Except for Las Vegas, other parts of the state are not considered as thriving by many families and business owners. However, recent statistics show that the state is the second fastest growing in the country.

The Silver State offers low housing costs and other features, which make it a serious contender in the list of best states for families to move into. Here are the reasons.

Natural Scenery and Landscape

Nevada is home to diverse scenery, from sprawling deserts to lush forest areas. Residents and tourists alike will never run out of activities to do outdoors. They have skiing, hiking, dune sailing, boating and nature trail walks. You can also find here many natural attractions, such as Lake Tahoe, Great Basin Natural Park and Grand Canyon.

Relaxed Tax Laws

Nevada has relatively friendly tax laws. It does not impose taxes on food and medicines nor income. Residents can do more with their paychecks, making the state an ideal place to live for people who want to keep their money.

There are also promising 1031 exchange services in the State of Nevada that can assist property investors with tax-related concerns for their investments. Since it is relatively easy to buy a house in the state, you can also exchange houses or properties under the 1031 statute without having to pay additional taxes. Just consult with the experts for proper guidance.

Diverse Culture

The international community is also noticing Nevada, with thousands of foreign guests coming here every year and not just for the casinos. It is simply a state that is easy to fall in love with, convincing many people to stay here for good.

Nevada has a strong cowboy culture mixed with Native American tribes. There are also a few Basque populations that offer a unique European feel to the Great Plains just below the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains.

Food and Shopping Options

The state boasts of affordable food options because of relaxed taxation on food and beverages. There are country-style restaurants in the northern part of the state while big cities like Las Vegas have more cultural cuisine variations.

For shopping, families can have their choice of grocery and shopping activities at a number of community stores and outlet malls. High-end shopping options can be found in big cities, too.

All-Around Entertainment


Nevada is a viable state for new businesses. It hosts the annual Burning Man Festival, which celebrates life and arts. Gambling is legal, and one can try their luck at any establishment where slot machines abound. There is no shortage of concerts, outdoor activities and stage performances to try out in the Silver State.

Jobs and Businesses

Government taxes are lenient in this state, creating a good atmosphere for businesses. The big cities are expanding and creating new jobs in the construction, restaurant, human resource management, mining and entertainment industries.

Nevada continues to impress people from around the country and the international community. Those considering relocating to another state for various reasons should look at what the Silver State has to offer.

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