Product Photography Techniques to Make You Look Like a Pro

There is an old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is still applicable in today’s digital era. Eye-catching photos have proven to boost engagement and conversions across all digital platforms, including social media.

Product photography is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. A study found that nearly 70% of consumers base their purchasing decision by simply looking at the images provided by the sellers.

While images have a huge impact on the customers’ purchase decision, it is important to learn how to take high-quality product photos and market them effectively.

As a business owner, one of your key roles is to promote brand awareness consistently. Providing high-quality photos of the products you offer gives a positive impression among your prospects. This should make them more interested in your products and services.

Here are some points to consider when taking photos of your products for your business:

Use The Right Lighting


Having the right lighting should always be on top of the list. It provides great results and simplifies the post-editing tasks when executed properly. While you can’t always depend on natural light with your photoshoots, there are several tools or accessories you can use to come up with high-quality photos.

For starters, reflectors, light boxes, and photo tents are ideal lighting equipment. If you’re in the eCommerce sector, make sure you have these handy lighting tools. The function of a reflector is to create a balance of natural and artificial light. On the other hand, a light box helps illuminate the essential features of your products. While these items are available in most photography shops, you can also look for DIY projects.

Switch to macro mode

The macro mode technique can capture every detail of the object. These shots are ideal for small products like food, make-ups, and jewelry. Most DSLR cameras and smartphones have a macro setting you can experiment with. Using a tripod, having adequate lighting, increasing the aperture, and focusing on the subject will also help you improve your macro shots.

Take shots from different angles

Many eCommerce platforms have advanced features allowing buyers to check images from different angles. Make the most of this feature by providing high-resolution photographs. For more clarity, make sure to take clear and in-depth shots from every angle. You can shoot from top-down for products such as shoes, clothes, and food. The 45-degree angle can be used for almost any kind of item, while the table level angle is ideal for jars and beauty and health products.

Consider hiring professional photo editing or retouching services

Sure, having your product photos edited or retouched by digital artists costs more. But you have to keep in mind that product images must stand out to attract your customers.

Fortunately, today, there are now jewelry photography retouching services editors to enhance the images of your products. These experts can help you enhance your images from top to bottom. They can even customize your photos to resonate with your brand and other promotional themes.

Grow Your Business on Instagram

Instagram marketing has been popular these days. With more than 500 million active monthly users, it makes perfect sense to optimize your Instagram business. Take advantage of this visual platform by implementing various Instagram optimization. You can also explore the platform’s metrics for paid ad campaigns.

These are just some of the few points to consider when taking photos of your products for your business. Make sure you know how to use your photography equipment. Be familiar with the features. For better results, hire an expert!

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