Pointers for Phone Maintenance

You can keep in touch with your friends and family without incurring a fortune in phone bills. If you’re not careful, you can end up spending colossal sums on your smartphone.

It’s no secret that smartphone manufacturers are outdoing themselves with each passing day. They are pumping many mouth-watering devices into the market. While these new phones are all the rage, they have one shortcoming. Recent reports indicate that Britons spend a whopping £680 million a year fixing broken phone screen.

Gleaning from repair experts in the UK, that’s a colossal amount of money, given that there are about 42 million smartphone users in the country. On average, most people incur repair bills of £30. With a little effort, you can lower your phone bill and save some money.

Handle Your Phone with Care

You need to remember that your phone is a delicate piece of equipment. Research shows most people damage their phones by dropping them. Further studies indicate that more than a third of UK users carry phones that are damaged, broken, or smashed. Over half of the users have irreversibly damaged or broken their phones.

Some of the reasons behind the damages border on fan-fiction. Some people report having dropped their phones from roller coasters or run them over using a truck. On the other end are mobile phone users who had their phones stolen and lost by monkeys in the jungle.

Keep It Affordable

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Unless you have deep pockets, you’re better off steering clear of the high-end phone brands. Sure, £1,000 does make a distinct statement, but if your finances are not up to scratch, it might leave a huge dent in your pocket. If you’re a parent, you’re advised to stick to affordable handsets. Children can come up with the most ingenious ways to damage or destroy your phone.

It’s common for parents to find their expensive handsets lounging in a full bathtub. In such instances, you’re likely to incur costly repair bills unless you have insurance. With an affordable handset, the cost of restoring the phone will be relatively cheap.

Affordable phones will have equally accessible parts, including the screens. These parts are readily available, saving you the embarrassment of toting a phone that looks like it survived a tsunami.

Pick Your Carrier Carefully

Once you’ve picked your perfect handset, then it’s time to get a carrier and phone plan that suits your needs. You need a program that provides you with the amount of data, talk time, and SMS to last you an entire month. Therefore, you need to consider your phone usage when choosing your plan. It helps that you don’t incur extra charges outside of your plan.

In the end, with smartphones becomes a standard item in the life of most Britons, it’s only fair that you keep them from overrunning your budget. You should pick a device within an agreeable budget range and keep it in great shape. Of course, you also need to choose a plan that suits your preferred mode of communication.

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