Networking Done Right: Pointers for Photographers When Growing Their Network

Being a photographer is an interesting profession. You get the chance to preserve memories of people. You have the opportunity to take part in some of the greatest moments in the lives of your clients. If you are working in the editorial and publishing industry, you get to create great works of art. You have this impression that being a photographer is all about making art. However, you should not forget that a portion of your profession should be dedicated to building your network. It is the people that help build your business. It is the people that introduce you to others, which in turn help you cement your reputation as a good artist.

Technical and artistic skills are important. But it is equally important that you have a trusty network of prospects and suppliers, such as providers of photo editing services for photographers. Some photographers are too shy to start networking, but that is the mindset that you have to do away with. You have to be confident. You have to make yourself marketable. If you are looking to build our network, here are some of the important pointers worth taking note of:

Build your website

If you want to build your network, you have to start your leads. Every professional relationship does not start abruptly. You have to lay the groundwork first; in this case, you have to start scouting for prospects. And one way to do just that is by publicizing yourself online—you have to build a website. The website will be your hub of works. This is where you can show your portfolio, which will attest to your abilities as a photographer. Make sure that your website is integrated into your social media platforms so that more and more people will see your capabilities. If you want to expand your lead generation efforts, come up with an e-mail marketing campaign.

Find good collaborators


Sometimes, all it takes is to find a fellow photographer who is willing to work with you. This is where you can collaborate. Collaborations with your fellow photographers can give you access to their models, editors, studio managers, and album makers. At the same time, you also provide them with your existing network—it is a give-and-take relationship. You can pitch an editorial spread to publishers and online magazines. The work that both of you will produce will surely be a nice addition to your portfolio.

Pick your niche

If you want to do everything, you may end up doing nothing. It is okay to be a jack-of-all-trades. But if you want to perfect your craft, you have to stay in one niche. And staying in one niche will help you explore more people and suppliers that will help grow your business. Expand to other market segments when you have already perfected your skills in a given niche.

Building your network as a photographer is something that you should prioritize, especially if you are looking to build your artistic brand. It is also one of the ways to increase your chances of getting high-paying clients and great collaborators. There are three words you need to remember when networking: never stop trying.

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