Small but Stunning: How to Lay Out Your Studio Apartment

When you were younger, you perhaps aspired to live large in a large apartment. Consider yourself lucky if you can afford to live in a big space. Many people have to settle on a small one, but it doesn’t have to be unfortunate. Living in a small studio apartment can still be nice if you incorporate creativity and practicality into its interior design.

Whether you live alone in a studio apartment or with a roommate, furnishing your place the right way will make living a whole lot easier and more comfortable.

Choosing the Right Seating

Choose seats depending on how many people live in the apartment and what kind of seating furniture you can fit. You can start with a minimum amount that you need and build it up from there if you still have the space and if it’s necessary. It’s up to you to make them as comfortable as you want.

Also, think about if you’re going to have company and how often. If your space is minimal for people over five, then accept the fact that you can’t invite over five people.

Considering Small and Space-saving Furniture

Foldable desks, chairs, stools, or even beds in a small apartment can solve your space issue. With these, you can fold them up when not in use and open up some space for the time being. You might even have more people over.

Having multipurpose furniture in your tiny apartment is also a clever way to make some space. You can place your television on the wall and have a coffee table beneath it that also functions as a storage box. You can use the space under your bed for more storage for your clothes or other products. Just be sure to organize them so it won’t look dreadful and chaotic.

Putting Up Wall Shelves

These can be your best friend when it comes to space-saving. You can put them up wherever you need storage, like in the bathroom. Apartment bathrooms have little space for your essentials, so putting up shelves above the toilet and by the sink will be good.

Dividing Zones

You don’t have to construct a wall to divide your spaces, especially when you have a small one. Dividing with furniture can help a studio apartment look homey.

  • Bookshelves 

    Placing a bookcase at the end of your bed can be a nice way to separate your bedroom area from the rest of the place. You can fill the shelves with plants, books, and whatever you think will make your bedroom look stunning.

  • Portable screens

    You can place these screens in whichever part of the room you want. And if you feel like changing the setup of your apartment, it won’t be hard since the divider is small and manageable. They can come in handy if you have a roommate. You can separate your bedroom areas with them to add some privacy and boundary.

  • Rugs

    If you don’t prefer bookshelves or anything that will clutter up more space, you can just place rugs along the living area and/or by your bedroom area. They can add some brightness and texture to the place. With a clever furniture placement, you can make it less dull.

  • Loft bed 

    This can be a huge space saver. With your bed up a ladder or stairs, you can have more space underneath it and you can use it for a workstation or an entertainment area. If you have a roommate, you can place another bed under there.

  • Curtains 

    You can put up a curtain that functions as a door in and out of your bedroom area. Curtains create such an illusion to beautify your studio apartment, making it look homier. Plus, it adds character and privacy.

  • Paint 

    You can also divide areas with different colors of paint. This will add life to the place, especially if you prefer a minimalist style. Colors can also make your apartment look spacious and inviting.

Valuing Your Space

Hang up mirrors if you want to create a spacious illusion in your small studio apartment. You can face one opposite a window to let more light in during the day. Avoiding clutter anywhere in your home is the most basic and best way to value your space and, additionally, to observe safety. You don’t want to have more cluttered space in your already small home.

Whatever you have in mind, all you have to do is know what you want, plan everything out, and think practically at the same time to achieve your ideal design. You can always ask for help from a designer if it’s too much to handle.

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