How To Achieve A Modern Nursery | Follow This 5 Tips On Designing A Nursery

Description: Decorating a nursery can be a challenging but exciting time for would-be parents. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your nursery is as functional as it is visually appealing.

Decorating a nursery can be an exciting but challenging time for would-be parents. The nursery will become their baby’s sanctuary for the next few years once it comes out, which is why it is important for parents, especially first-timers, to make it feel as homey as possible.

Nurseries are no longer just the functional rooms where babies sleep and feed. Today, they are designed to look visually appealing and functional at the same time. Here are some tips in successfully designing a nursery.

Select a theme

Having a theme for the nursery will make it easier for you to figure out what materials and décor you need. You can go for common themes like outer space, dinosaurs and forests because you can easily find materials for these themes.

Wallpapers are great décor especially if you have a themed nursery. They are cheap and can easily be replaced when damaged. However, if you want the wall painted, colours that are on-trend are green, shades of violet, light yellows, fuchsia and apricot.

Add wall decor

Hang paintings or portraits on your nursery’s walls to make it more personalized. Some modern nurseries reinforce a sense of family in the nursery by incorporating antiques, family portraits or other family heirlooms into the nursery’s design.

Incorporate a reading corner to your design

Modern nurseries include reading corners to help your child develop an early interest in books and reading. It can also be your spot whenever you need to lull your child to sleep.

Place shelves for books in the nursery. You can choose to put standing shelves or those that can be installed on the walls. Just make sure that the wall brackets you use are secured and tightly fastened.

Consider the nursery’s lighting

A baby spends most of their time sleeping so it is important to invest in proper lighting that mimics nighttime. If you don’t have dimmer switches on your main light, consider buying low wattage lamps or nightlights. You can also use thick curtains to block the sunlight during the day. One thing you do not want is to wake up a sleeping baby.

Speaking of lighting, do not put your baby’s crib where it can be in contact with direct sunlight, or where it is exposed to streetlight outside at night.

Small area for play

baby playing blocks on the floor

Modern nurseries have a small area dedicated to playing. No matter what age your baby is, it is important to have a dedicated area for play because it inspires creativity and fun for them. You can also use this area to instil discipline to your child at an early age by asking them to clean the area once they are done playing.

Ensure that this area is free from falling hazard and fragile material. Place this area away from the crib so that your child will not try to reach for toys from their cribs and risk the crib from tumbling over.

When decorating a nursery, it is important not to let design compromise functionality and convenience. Having a baby will be stressful, so make sure that you have whatever you need in the nursery all within your reach.

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