Essential Kitchen Equipment for a High-Volume Restaurant Kitchen

• A high-volume restaurant kitchen must be equipped with reliable equipment.

• Refrigeration solutions are essential for maintaining a high-volume restaurant kitchen. 

• The right cooking equipment is essential for preparing meals quickly and efficiently. 

• Storage solutions, such as shelving and large storage containers, will help keep ingredients organized and accessible. 

Running a restaurant takes work, especially when maintaining a high-volume kitchen. Having the right kitchen equipment can make all the difference between an efficient and effective kitchen that customers love and one that falls flat. Here’s what you need to keep your restaurant kitchen running fast.

Whether opening a new restaurant or simply upgrading your existing kitchen, certain equipment is essential for any high-volume restaurant. From refrigeration and storage solutions to more specialized appliances, having the right equipment on hand will help you keep up with orders and maintain quality service.

Refrigeration Solutions

Refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are necessary for keeping food fresh, safe, and ready to serve. In a high-volume restaurant kitchen, you must have reliable refrigeration solutions; otherwise, you risk losing food and money. Investing in quality refrigeration units designed specifically for commercial use is key to avoiding spoilage and unnecessary waste. Here are your options to provide you with the cold storage you need:

Refrigerators, Freezers, and Coolers

If you specialize in cold dishes, combining refrigerators, freezers, and coolers will provide you with all the temperature-controlled storage you need. Having separate units for different types of food can help ensure that everything stays fresh until it’s served.

Reach-in Refrigerators & Freezers

These are perfect for storing large quantities of food. These units are especially helpful if you have an open kitchen, as they can be used to store ingredients or prep ahead of time. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers come in one- and two-door models and can be customized with additional shelves for maximum efficiency.

Walk-In Refrigeration Systems

A walk-in refrigerator and freezer might be ideal for larger restaurants. These units allow you to store bulk ingredients while keeping them in separate compartments for easy access—which is perfect for high-volume kitchens that need to restock quickly.

A kitchen worker getting frozen goods from a walk-in freezer

Cooking Equipment

A high-volume restaurant kitchen must be equipped with reliable cooking equipment. This means more than just a few ovens and stovetops; you also need specialized appliances to handle everything from grilling and searing to steaming and braising. Here are your must-have cooking appliances for high-volume restaurants:

Griddles & Charbroilers

These are essential for quickly preparing burgers, steaks, chicken, fish, and other grilled items. Griddles and charbroilers are designed to deliver consistent heat for fast and efficient cooking. Additionally, they are easy to clean and ideal for high-volume kitchens that need to minimize downtime.

Range & Ovens

While a range or oven alone might not be enough to keep up with orders in a high-volume restaurant, having several will make all the difference. Look for units with multiple burners and features like convection bake that help speed up cooking time.

Egg Station

An egg station is a must-have if you specialize in egg dishes. This allows you to prepare several egg dishes simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency. It also keeps the eggs moist and hot until they’re ready to be served. An egg station is also perfect for serving breakfast dishes or running a brunch buffet.

Steamers & Braising Pans

For restaurants that serve steamed and braised dishes, having a steamer and a quality braising pan is essential. Look for units with built-in timers and easy-to-read thermostats to ensure your food is cooked perfectly every time.

Storage Solutions

A kitchen made of stainless steel counter and equipment

Having adequate storage space is essential for any high-volume restaurant. This means investing in shelving units and large storage containers that can hold anything from ingredients to utensils and plates. Shelving should be sturdy enough to handle heavy objects while also being adjustable so that it can accommodate different sizes of items. Additionally, storing items off the ground will allow for easier access by staff members who may need them quickly throughout the day.

Storage Solutions for Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, don’t worry—you can still create effective and efficient storage solutions. Look for units specifically designed to fit tight spaces, including wall-mounted shelves and wire racks that can hold up to 50 lbs. Additionally, consider investing in an island to provide additional storage space and a prep area. This will help maximize your space while adding functionality.

Having the right kitchen equipment is essential for any high-volume restaurant. Having the right tools on hand will make all the difference between an efficient and effective kitchen that customers love and one that falls flat. With well-planned equipment, you can keep your restaurant running smoothly so that you can focus on serving delicious dishes.

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