Elements of a Trendy Commercial Landscape

Commercial landscapes may not usually be as flashy as residential ones, but that doesn’t mean they should be downplayed. Having a landscape garden in a commercial property can impress a lot of customers and make the premises more lively and sustainable. But it isn’t enough to simply lay some grass and shrubs around your building. Your landscape needs some elements that would not only make it prettier, but functional as well. 

As you design or upgrade your property’s landscape, obtaining professional commercial landscaping services would be beneficial. Experts have adequate knowledge about garden designing and maintenance, so investing in their services would be worth it.

But if you have a knack for designing outdoor spaces and are blessed with the green thumb, let this be your guide.

1. Community Benches

Part of trendy commercial landscapes are the community benches. With benches, customers can use your landscape garden as a socializing hub, while enjoying nice views. If your property’s landscape is a vast one with plenty of trees, consider placing a cluster of community benches around them. On the other hand, if it’s a smaller landscape, you can opt for wooden or marble benches, or the classic bench design. The key is to incorporate creativity into your landscape’s design, especially if it has limited space. Try painting the benches with vibrant colors to make it attention-catching and picture-perfect.

Commercial Landscape

2. Drainage Systems

Landscapes need plumbing work, too, so leave it to the professionals if your landscape lacks a drainage system yet. The purpose of the drainage system is to control floodwater, which is highly important if your property is in a rain-prone location. If your commercial landscape has an existing drainage system, check if it’s still functioning properly, especially if it has been there for several years already.

If your landscape has a trench drain installed, fill the parts that aren’t covered by permanent surfaces with either mulch or river rocks. But to be absolutely certain about drainage matters, consult the experts.

3. Trees That Suit the Climate

Popular trees planted in commercial landscapes vary by location and climate. In temperate parts of the U.S., shade trees like Pistache, Pin Oak, and Hackberry are commonly seen. Pistache trees are 30-60 feet trees whose leave are attractive during the fall. This tree is also tolerant to most weather conditions, including drought. They’re good for parking spaces.

Pin Oak, meanwhile, can grow up to 50-80 feet tall, and 30-40 feet wide. Its leaves are also pretty during the fall, but compared to most oak trees, pin oak is less tolerant to dry weather conditions. Hackberry is more versatile. It’s drought-tolerant, resistant to oak root fungus, and is a good tree to be planted in parking lots, turfs, and roads.

In southwest deserts and arid regions, Palo Verde and Mesquite are popular. Palo Verde is valued for its floral display, colorful bark, and shading capabilities. Birds are attracted to this tree, so planting this on your commercial landscape will add flora and fauna to your property.

The mesquite tree is one of the toughest trees suitable for deserts, with roots that can go for miles to search for water. They reach 30 feet in height and can be an adequate source of shade.

With all of these elements in your commercial landscape, your property would be more than just another building. Its outdoor grounds would turn into a recreational area where people can do business, socialize, and relax. Check your landscape now if it needs a great transformation.

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