A Simple Guide to Taking Care of Your Comic Collection

Being a comic fan gives you a lot of wonderful things. For one, you get access to the genius of the writers and illustrators. You also get involved in fantastic worlds and characters. And it also inspires you to come up with your own stories. As an avid comic collector, you know already that taking care of your collection is of utmost importance. You might have your own ways of taking care of them, but are you doing enough?

Your current techniques might be working, but that does not mean that you cannot improve upon it. Lucky for you, this article will provide you with some handy tips on how to take care of your comic book collection. These are pretty simple and will not require you to visit a barnwood store, so you can build your own cabinet.

Check out the following pointers:

Pack them right

If you’re a newbie collector, you need to pack your comics after reading. And this can be done by putting them in plastic sleeves. Doing this is important, so your books will not be exposed to humidity, dirt, and possible spills. Mylar bags are ideal materials, as they are sturdy. Before you store your comics, you might want to place a backboard to avoid creasing, but make sure that it is acid-free. If you are willing to invest in storage, you might want to have your comics protected by CGC or Certified Guaranty Company. However, it can cost you some money.

Clean your comics properly

Some of the comics you have collected over the years or those you have found at thrift stores can be dirty. With that, clean your comics carefully. It would help if you got yourself cotton rounds, an eraser pad, and book cleaner putty. Rub the surface with a dry cotton round gently to remove residues and dirt. To remove stains, try to use an eraser pad. On the other hand, the putty is like clay that you will need to roll across the page to remove the dirt you have missed gently.

Keep them in a cool place

comic booksIt is never a good idea to keep your comics in the basement or the attic — unless these areas are properly insulated. Among your comics’ fiercest enemies is humidity, so make sure that your beloved items are stored in a cool, dark place. Likewise, keep your comics away from direct sunlight, as it can cause discoloration.

Do not stack them

When it comes to keeping your comics in boxes, make sure that they are positioned upright. You are not supposed to stack them on each other. Many of your comics are stapled on the side, which means the books’ surfaces are not even. And when you stack them all together, the weight can roll the spine, thus altering the comics’ shape.

Read and collect

Whether you are an avid comic collector or a casual reader, taking care of your comics should be a must. This is especially necessary when you are planning to sell them soon.

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