6 Effective Lawn Care Tips for Your Yard

Is grass always greener on the other side? Well, this seems to always be the case when you don’t maintain your lawn. You will always be envious of your neighbor’s lush green lawn. However, with these effectively proven lawn care tips, you can hold your head high up every time you walk out of your house.

1. Get a professional to attend to your lawn

As much as you would want to tender to your lawn all by yourself, getting a professional to once in a while tender to it makes all the difference. The other advantage of seeking help from a professional who specializes in landscaping lawn care services is that they can guide you on how to grow your lawn professionally. So don’t be afraid of spending those extra bucks, it will pay off in due time.

2. Plant the right type of grass

To achieve that lush green grass, you must start by planting the right type of grass. There are lots of grass varieties out there, but the best would be one that is locally available and adapts well to your climate.

Also, consider the type of soil needed for that specific grass type as well as the pH level. It is very important that you meet the required growing conditions for a good yield.

3. Mow your lawn at the right height

The right time to cut off your lawn is when it reaches a third or more of the recommended mowing height. For instance, if the recommended mowing height of your grass variety is 2 inches, then you should cut it the moment it reaches 3 inches. Find out the ideal mowing height of your grass variety from your grass vendor.

Mowing your lawn at the recommended height helps it maintain its lush green color. When the grass becomes taller, it gets sunburned giving it a dull color.

4. Water your lawn in the morning

The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning between 4 and 9 a.m. — before the sun comes up and sucks up all the water. If you are just starting out on your lawn, then you will need to water it more until your grass takes root and firms up.

It is hard to tell the right amount of water to water your grass but ideally 5–6 inches deep should be sufficient before the next watering session.

5. Feed your lawn


Watering your lawn and trimming it is just not enough, you need to feed it with the right nutrients. Compost manure is one great way to feed your lawn as it is rich in nitrogen and other essential nutrients. If you cannot access compost manure or you find it messy to mix, you can use the normal commercial fertilizers every six weeks during its growing season.

6. Keep off weeds

You could do this by spreading lime on the soil if the soil lacks calcium and magnesium, applying organic weed killers and uprooting weeds immediately after watering or a rainy day. This is because it is easier to pull off the entire weed including the roots when the soil is wet.

Using these effective tips along with regularly removing thatch, proper shading, aerating and improving on drainage will guarantee you a lush looking lawn. And no, grass will no longer look greener on the other side.

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