no carrier setup at PULSEWAVE

_[don miller]

No Carrier's VJ rig consists of 2 NES consoles and a C64 monitor. One NES is normal and the other has a patch bay at the top to produce live circuit bends. Each Nes contains a retrozoneusb flash cart with his own VJ / animation ROMs flashed onto the RAM. He uses an Edirol Video mixer to blend between the two consols and to produce layered effects. Duplitcation, mulitplication, cross fades, sweeps and a slew of other digital effects also aid in the real time manipulation of the images. Each NES is controlled with a standard controller. The buttons (up, down, left, right, select, B, A, start) are assigned to different funcitons such as scrolling between tile sets and sprites, changing pallete colors, and other options specific to each ROM created. No Carrier's software and hardware allow him to improvise intense and striking 8-bit visuals.

No Carrier has used this Rig at MAGfest, Pulsewave, and many many other events. He has VJ for just about everyone on the East Coast 8-bit scene and he continues to innovate with his creative software and hardware ideas. Watch for his visuals at the upcoming Blip Festival and at the next MAGfest.
Along with advancing the improvisation of 8-bit visuals he is also responsible for coding the first album available for purchase on an actual NES cart: Alex Mauer's Vegavox. For more information on his work please visit his website no-carrier.com and click on software.


alex mauer's "vegavox" coded by no carrier

no carrier's C64 monitor -
peter swim in the background

no carrier and notendo dual setup

_ _[animal style]

Joey Mariano has has been selling prosound modified gameboys on Ebay on and off for the last year. In that time he has perfected the Gameboy Classic Prosound mod by applying methods usually used for the Gameboy Color. With his mod, the gameboy's headphone jack and external speaker stay in tact [previous methods destroyed the gameboy's headphone jack and external speaker]. Along with modding gameboys he has improved vintage accsessories too. The illumination produced by the Performance® Maginifier [for the original gameboy] is very poor, so Mariano added 6 super bright LED's to his.

Joey recently invented what he calls the GBC FOOT CONTROLLER, allowing him to control a gameboy with his feet while playing guitar. The GBC was hacked and a 15pin serial port was added to the back. This sends the currents for each button, the power supply, and the sound output to a bottom enclosure that rests on the ground. Foot pedals [keyboard sustain pedals] can be plugged in and additoinal side inputs let the user use macros [not shown here] to press multiple buttons with one pedal [a technique needed for triggering loops in nanoloop]. The gameboy itself is mounted on a mic stand with clamps for hands free veiwing. Earlier failed prototypes used the SNES and the Super Gameboy Adaptor. If you like to purchase any of these, please contact him through his website:

animal-style.com - - - - joey@animal-style.com

joey mariano's performance® magnifier with 6 LEDs

joey mariano's custom prosound modification

animal style GBC foot controller enclosure [joey mariano]

mariano's GBC with a DB15 port [sends the sound, buttons, and power to the enclosure]

joey mariano's GBC foot controller
[gameboy is mounted on a mic stand during performance]

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