Best Polaroid Cameras 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Polaroid Camera 2017 Guide

Polaroid Cameras or Instant Cameras are really popular right now. You can’t quite capture the same nostalgia with just a normal camera than with an Instant Camera. Instant Cameras do exactly as they say they do: they print photos instantly short after taking them. This retro technology is what makes them different and so cool compared to other standard cameras and GoPro’s. The instant gratification of Polaroid Cameras keeps people coming back for more.

We decided to put together a list of what we think are the ten best Polaroid cameras on the market today in 2017. So here they are:

Best Polaroid Cameras 2017

We are going to start the list with first budget cameras, then midrange cameras, and then go into high end cameras.

Best Budget Instant Cameras

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review

Determining the most appropriate amount of brightness when taking shots in different situation and weather condition is one of the best features of Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant camera. This is available in different colors so you can choose which one attracts your eyes most. There are black, yellow, blue, pink, white, grape and raspberry. Its camera lens is 8.0 megapixels which will give you a clear photo. The dimension is 11.6×6.8×11.9 cm pertaining to length, width, and height respectively. The camera weighs about 0.307 kilograms so it is very handy and lightweight. It has a warranty period of one year coming from the local supplier which means that replacement will be fast. If you are looking for a camera that brings instant enjoyment and thrill, then this is the best one for you.

The fine-tuning of brightness attribute of this handheld camera will let you have the best photo or pictures in different occasions and events.

To see some example photos taken with this camera, check out Beckii Cruel’s page. You can tell just how nostalgic and authentic these photos comes out, it is amazing.

You do not want to keep taking shots with proper adjusting the brightness because this will just mean the waste of time and waste of precious moments that should have been captured. It has a fixed shutter speed of 1/60 seconds and you are assured that the flash always works.

The operation of Fujifilm instax Mini 8 instant camera is so simple that anyone can use it. All you need to do is press the power button. It functions much like a conventional camera. In today’s world where almost all people want instant things, this is the right camera. The design of its body is delightful and dense that gives you guarantee that it is durable. This camera also allows you to take pictures with softer sense with the use of its high-key mode. It is important not to forget to buy a film or a spare one or two to continue with picture taking.

2. Polaroid Pic-300Polaroid Pic-300 Review

This is the current version of the traditional Polaroid instant camera. This is an analog type that gives you instant printing. Take a photo and watch it develop immediately in just a matter of minutes. The size of the printed color photo is 2.1×3.4”. This is well-matched with the PIF-300 film. It has automatic flash feature and operates in a very similar way with a traditional camera. All you have to do is press the power button and you can enjoy taking shots. The Polaroid Pic-300 instant camera comes in four colors that will compliment your style. Available colors are red, purple, blue and black. Compared to the Instax Mini 8, this camera is very similar.

Four AA batteries are needed to power it up. You can enjoy longer use of these batteries with the help of the energy saving mode. Inactivity for about five minutes will turn on the said mode. This has also electronic shutter and automatic flash allowing you to get the best shot. This camera also has a wrist belt making it very handy to use. You are assured that the camera will not just fall. It is also important to be aware that the price of this camera varies in different shops. To give you a figure the price lingers around $69.99.

One disadvantage or cons in using this type of camera are the film where it is compatible. As mentioned above it is the PIF-300 instant film which cost a little higher compared to films used by other cameras. So you must include in your budget the cost of the film when deciding to use the Polaroid pic-300 instant camera. This camera also requires 4 AA batteries instead of 2 like the Instax Mini 8. There are only four available colors for you to choose from. But if you can afford it and is attracted with the instant printing feature then you should grab it.

3. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Review

If you want to keep the hard copy of photo right after you take it, then Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 instant camera is the right one for you. Compared to other cameras which also allow you to develop the shot you take in just a matter of minutes, the instax wide gives you a larger print of these pictures with the use of instant color film by Fujifilm instax. This is better especially if you have to capture big and great moments with your family and friends. The size of the printed photo is 2.4×3.9″. It has an LCD screen and built-in flash that allows you to take the best shots in every occasions and event. A motor determined to focus that is two-range. Four AA batteries are used to power it up and it comes with a tripod socket.


One major pro of it is that a close-up lens and a close focus adapter is used to take fascinating physical prints. The larger instant film by instax wide is also one of the edges of this camera compared to others.


If you are not a fan of a slightly big camera, then this is not the right one for you. This camera is a little bit heavy weighing 1.35 pounds. If you are also volume shooters, choosing this camera will mean big budget for the price of its film. This has also restricted exposure control.

Other Features

This camera can give you clear photos with the use of its retractable lens. You can also easily review shots with the exposure counter and flash mode. It will also let you shoot even in dim lighting with the automatic flash and using the zoom feature, it can give you the clearer view of the object you are taking from a little far distance. It has a dimension of 4.76×3.73×6.61 inches height, width, and depth respectively.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Review


This camera has elevated performance flash that produces the perfect sum of light that is delicately adjusted for the remoteness of the subject, thus emitting the ideal brightness which means that you will be able to take the best shot in every instant. You will have no problem with brightness control. It helps in the optimization of the coverage with the help of the bulb coverage mode that leaves the shutter open for ten seconds as the shutter button is pressed. Night views that are attractive can be perfectly captured using this camera.

The Fujifilm instax Mini 90 instant camera is also an instant print one, giving you printed images of your taken shots with a size of 2.4 inches x 1.8 inches. It has six shooting modes to accommodate different situations and events. This camera has a rechargeable lithium ion battery which makes it very convenient because you do not have to buy AA batteries every time the energy is fully consumed.


A battery charger comes along with the camera as well as a shoulder strap for safe handling of the camera. This will make you look like a professional photographer. Of course, a user’s manual is also included which you can browse in case you have concerns about its different parts.

Other Features

Simple-operated and has a counter to let you know the number of shots remaining. It has an LCD of 1.5 inches x 0.5 inches and a viewfinder of real image at 0.37 making you easily find the perfect angle. With its landscape mode, you can take pictures of distant objects clearly while with its macro mode give you detailed images of close objects you are taking. It also lets you attached a tripod socket in an easy manner for better stability, although said accessory is not included when you purchase the camera.

5. Snap Touch Instant CameraSnap Touch Instant Camera Review

Features and Specifications

When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity the snap touch instant camera is the best one for you. It has an application that lets you share all your favorite photos easily. These pictures can be easily printed with the use of technology by Zero Ink. It has an LCD touch screen with the size of 3.5 inches. It comes in three color modes such as vintage sepia, color and black and white. If you are a fan of taking the selfie, this one will work best for you with its selfie mirror and self-timer. It has also 1080p HD recording capacity and you can store your videos and images on a micro SD that has a capacity up to 128GB. The snap touch instant camera has also a USB port which allows you to transfer files using a flash drive.

You can have an instant 2×3” color photo prints using this camera. It has a 13MP camera lens that lets you take very clear pictures. If you want to take multiple shots in one setting, this type has also the burst mode. When it comes to the snap and print feature of this camera, there is no need for a connection to a computer. This means that you don’t have to use ink, ink cartridges and ribbons that will be just thrown away once fully consumed. Using this camera is very hassle-free.


When it comes to accessories of this camera, we have a microphone and a speaker which allows you to do other tasks needed in taking pictures. It has a rechargeable ion battery which means that you do not have to buy AA batteries from time to time. It has a wrist strap to handle it more securely and a micro USB cable. There are also ten sheets of photo paper from Polaroid ZINK.

6. Impossible Polaroid 600Impossible Polaroid 600 Review

Product Description

This is a 1980’s style Polaroid 600 instant camera that has been revamped by Impossible. If you are a fan of vintage designed cameras, this one is a perfect fit for you. It has a square and boxy body with point-shoot style making it easy to use. With its fixed focus lens and integral automatic flash, you are assured of quality pictures. The printed pictures are protected by the frog tongue produced also by Impossible that gives a shield effects to the photo prints as it comes out from the camera. You do not have to worry that the outputs will get easily damaged as it is produced. It has also simple controls when it comes to adjustment of brightness helping you take the perfect shot in every weather and situations. If you want a brighter or a darker shot, then you will have it. It is simple to use. The camera has one year warranty. It is compatible with the 600-type film of Impossible which if you purchase comes with a built-in battery that powers up both the camera and its flash. The Impossible Polaroid 600 instant camera is ideal for use either indoor or outdoor.

Specifications and Dimensions

It weighs 1.5 pounds and has a black flash style. It has a dimension of 7 inches x 7 inches x 6 inches. Normal shipping weight is around 1.8 pounds.


It produces instant pictures that are plastic protected ensuring good quality of photo prints.


Big and lack in style since it is inspired by a vintage type of camera. Also a little bit heavy at 1.5 pounds. The particular film used must always be budgeted to ensure continuous use of the equipment.

Decide for yourself if this is the perfect camera for you by asking advice from the professionals and knowing exactly what you need.

7. Fujifilm Instax Mini 70Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Review


Taking pictures of oneself nowadays is very popular, which is why the selfie mode of Fujifilm instax Mini 79 instant camera will suit your taste. With the help of the selfie mirror, you can check if you are taking the shot accurately. Said mirror is located beside the lens. Even in dark sight or instances, the instax mini 70 get bright backgrounds and subjects which make it very good to use. Its flash automatically computes the amount of brightness needed to get the most excellent photo.

The film size is at 86 mm x 54 mm while the picture size is at 62 mm x 46 mm. It has a retractable lens and has a viewfinder for you to take the accurate shot. Being an instant print camera, the amount of time it takes to develop the film is at 90 seconds. If you are in a continuous shooting style and you want to stop it halfway for some reasons, then you will have it. It has also a smooth design that will compliment with your style. The shutter speed is at 0.50 seconds, allowing you to take several shots in just a couple of minutes.


It has a width of 99.2mm, a height of 113.7 mm and depth of 53.2 mm. It weighs 281 g making it a lightweight and easy to bring.


Works well even in dark scenes. It is handy and easy to use. It has the selfie mode that is very popular. You can bring it whenever and wherever you want to go.


The camera has no included battery upon purchase which means additional cost upon purchasing it. It has also no strap for easy handling of the equipment. It has tripod socket that is given upon purchase of the camera, it is sold separately.

8. Impossible I-1Impossible I-1 Review


The camera has a manual mode that lets you take complete control of every shot you take. You can adjust the shutter speed, aperture, focus distance and flash depending on your needs. This means that you will get what you want. Here you are the boss. Shooting from a distance without holding the camera can be done either by self-timer or a remote that trigger the lens to take shots. The triggering factor can be in a form of noise that can capture even half a second instant. There are also modes that let you use your mobile phone as the tool to trigger the camera. It has different creative strategies through digital innovation that power up the field of analog. The camera connects through Bluetooth to the I-1 Application in your android phone. This is compatible with the 600 type film as well as the I-type of Impossible. It has also a ring flash that lets you get the most out of your subject. It has some batteries that are dressed within it.


It has a striking new design that really looks good. It is solid and dense yet still lightweight. It has a Bluetooth radio installed inside the camera which allows you to change its setting using your phones. You can set a timer which is very useful.


The camera does not have the feature to let you count the number of shots remaining. Some photo prints show some cracks along the edges because of less stability in the film used.

Working with your phone that is connected to the camera through Bluetooth is an awesome thing. Instant photography is made possible with the creation of the I-1 instant camera. This has never been made before so be proud if you are among the one who is first to use it.

9. Leica SofortLeica Sofort Review

Product Description

This camera has complete modes you can choose from depending on the situation. Among these are: selfie, double exposure, sport and action, party and people, self-timer, automatic, bulb and manual. It also produces instant photo prints. Just always remember that its battery life is at a hundred photos. It has a built-in flash and works well with mini film produced by instax. The power button is located at the back plate to avoid unintentional activation. The product comes in three available colors such as white, mint and orange. The camera is almost a perfect square and is manufactured in Germany. It is very easy to operate. Just turn the power button on and you are ready to take pictures. It has also a sefie mirrors because most of the people love it nowadays

There are four buttons at the back of the camera that are working in different modes as mentioned above. The instax film used in it is easy to find and being from the brand of Leica and still comes at an affordable price is an amazing thing. The camera operates in a point and shoots style but there are many other choices on how you want to control the camera. You must be fully aware of the different buttons found in this tool in order to get the most out of it.


It has a dimension of 124mm x 94m x 58mm and weighs 305g. This makes it very handy and easy to handle whenever and wherever you may go.


The camera is compatible not only for the Leica film but also for other instax mini film making the cost a little low. It is compact and dense but still weighs light.


There are only limited colors available in the market. Sometimes the photo printed is out of mixed result.

10. Impossible Polaroid SX-70Impossible Polaroid SX-70 Review


The camera has a SLR design that is folding. It best works with instant film SX-70 type. It has glass lens of 116mm f/8 and a Manual Focus by means of a Geared Wheel. You are also assured that the photo prints is protected with frog tongue from Impossible. When it comes to developing of the film, it usually takes five to ten minutes for black and white and around 20 to 30 minutes if color. But the image may emerge within a minute or two. It has also one year warranty. When you purchase the Impossible Polaroid sx-70, you get with you 3 packs of films that are two colors and one that is black and white. It is important to look for a film that has unique analog texture and has an inferior ISO compared to other films. Buying films in volume or at least three packs help you save for the future. Your enjoyment may seem no ending. Just remember that when looking for cameras you must always come to the professionals or choose the one that is trusted by many. The SX-70 is one of the best polaroid cameras I have seen on the market.

The printed photo has a measurement 7.9cm x 7.9cm. The texture of the end result must be glossy which will make it the best for you. The date that you will find on the top of the product is the date of manufacturing. The cameras are revamped when it comes to the warranty period. The type of film which is SX-70 must always be purchased correctly so that the Polaroid camera will give you the best result. If you are already a professional photographer but still wanting to improve oneself and hone other skills, then this type of camera is the best one for you. A density filter that is neutral can also help in taking shots or even practicing.

Final Words

So these were our personal 10 best polaroid cameras 2017! I hope you found this useful in yours search to find the best polaroid camera that suits your style. Ultimately, determining which is best comes down to personal taste. Leave a comment below if there are other cool Polaroid cameras you have found!

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