This installation was shown at the Ready Run exhibit (Philadelphia) in 2009, at LABoral (Spain) from the end of 2009 – 2010, and at iMAL in Brussels from June to October 2010.

Here is the description i wrote:

As a Kid, hearing the single mono speaker from my gameboy provided men with hours of contentment and happiness, but i often wanted it to be louder. This project amplifies the beauty of that sound without the use of headphones or a large PA system. Press the button to start and stop the sound.

The song that’s played is a short classicalish loop with a couple weird time signature changes. once the piece comes back i’ll have to record it. Since i used LSDJ, the song can be changed and maybe in the future i will have some other people make music for it.

Technical details: Gameboy Parts, LSDJ sound loop, Homemade Cmoy Amplifier Circuit, Wires

Acknowledgements: Software used in this installation created by Johan Kotlinski, Prosound Output discovered by Tim Lamb

photo credit: Marjorie Becker Chiptography.com