Many Gameboys were sacrificed in the making of this mod. I originally started trying to mod this model Gameboy, only to find that i was in a bit over my head. At the time, i knew i could successfully mod a GBC because the metal button contacts were easy to solder wires to and the schematic for the buttons were simple (each button shared a common ground). The DMG-01’s button schematic is a lot different (and way stupider) and there is a coating over the button contacts that had to be sanded down. Plus there were major issues sending the minimal button current through the cables all the way to my foot switch. The problems were solved by a ton of trial and error.

One solution i came up with was using a double A battery on each button so that the current could get to my foot (sort of amplifying the current). I tried to use one battery for every button, but then simultaneous button presses were strange. Even after all that, There were sensativity issues. Two diodes (i used a couple simple LEDs) here and there had to be added to prevent the buttons from triggering in rapid fire fashion. I still don’t understand why it was doing that… but, the diodes solved the problem. The logic came from me staring at the button schematic on the DMG-01 which includes 4 diodes. There is probably a better way to do this mod, but this works… anyone that has any suggestions feel free to email me.   joey[at]

Also, new in this mod i added an underclock switch. I never used it much and right now it doesn’t work. At the first 8static in October of 2008 i accidentally left the foot controller set up on stage after i was done playing. Because Bit Shifter was rocking so hard later that night and because the PA speakers were basically jumping off the ground my foot controller fell over completely breaking the gameboy. This is the original casing, but the gameboy inside was destroyed… so, i had to do a Gameboy transplant and in the process i was lazy and skipped the underclock mod. I’ll probably throw it back in there at some point and maybe backlight the thing. Although… i do prefer to use the magnifier because i can see it from farther away. Of course my magnifier is modded with 6 LEDs for maximum brightness. enjoy!